What Everybody Ought to Know About Undercoating


Protecting your car from rust is a smart move, but some methods you can use to give your car protection are not as good as others and would not be cost-effective.

One of these protective methods that may be a waste of money is purchasing undercoating for your vehicle. In this article, we’ll discuss what undercoating is and how it may not be the best solution for protecting your vehicle from corrosion.

What is Undercoating?

Undercoating is a layer of protection that is often applied by the vehicles manufacturer and can also be applied after you purchase a vehicle.

Undercoating can be made using fiberglass, rubber, ceramics, silicone, asphalt or even petroleum and is applied to the undercarriage of the vehicle to provide a barrier from the elements which will help prevent corrosion.

Is Undercoating Worth It?

Car dealerships will often try to have you purchase undercoating from them as an option and that option can be very expensive. Fox Business has found that the undercoating option offered at car dealerships are overpriced, running from $200 to $1,200, and you can find better rust-proofing options at a cheaper price at other companies.

Applying undercoating yourself or having it done professionally can present you with other problems as well. As many users pointed out at Bimmerfest.com, many car warranties are voided if you apply an undercoating to your vehicle and the undercoating itself can damage your vehicle.

Undercoats can also be easily damaged while driving due to debris chipping away at it, which will allow moisture and other corrosive elements to slip in to the undercarriage of your vehicle. This can present a big problem because it will be difficult to spot any rust through the undercoating, so you could be totally unaware there is a corrosion issue until it’s too late.

What Other Options are there?

Other protective measures can be taken for your vehicle such as using drip oil rust proofing agent to keep your vehicle safe from corrosion. The benefits to using a drip oil product over undercoating include:

  • Cheaper price to protect your vehicle
  • Drip oil is more effective at protecting your vehicle
  • If there is chips or cracks in the protective layer drip oil provides, it will be easier to spot any rust issues
  • Drip oil rust proofing won’t cause any warranty issues with your vehicles manufacturer

What are Your Best Rustproofing Options?

One of the best ways to maintain your car’s appearance is with Krown’s rust control products. Our technicians apply a thorough rustproofing procedure to your vehicle, which provides your car with a higher resale value, decreased repair costs, a longer vehicle life and a safer, better looking vehicle.

Learn more about the Krown process, or Click the following link to learn about rust control and find a dealer near you.

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