A complete rust protection experience.

What does a "complete" rust protection application mean to us? Scroll down to watch a complete Krown experience and see why we are considered the best in the business. 

See how we compare

1 Vehicle Inspection.

Our annually trained and certified Krown technicians inspect your vehicle 
creating a detailed inspection report before your application. 

2 Weather stripping treated with silicone.

All rubber door and body seals are treated with our specially designed silicone
to protect and maintain them.


3 Floor mats and seat covers.

Technicians are careful to ensure each vehicle has a floor mat cover and plastic
seat cover to ensure your vehicle leaves exactly as it was brought in.


4 Light housing removed.

On certain vehicles, tail lights are removed to allow easier access to
the rear sections of the vehicle. This helps to ensure a thorough application.

5 Holes are drilled.

Before each vehicle is treated, technicians review the service bulletins for
detailed access areas for each specific vehicle before drilling access holes.


6 Vehicle is treated.

Technicians access all corrosion-prone areas of your vehicle with specialized tools
to ensure complete protection.


7 Holes are greased and plugged.

After all the areas of your vehicle have been treated, each area is inspected, 
greased and all drilled holes are plugged with a specialized grommet. 


8 Vehicle is washed

Your vehicle is then washed with Krown's specialty soap which removes any excess Krown product from the painted surfaces.

9 Treatment completed, keys delivered.

Your vehicle is returned to you clean and protected from rust!

Krown Vs the competition.

Here is how the Krown product compares to other popular rust protection products.

Company Competitor
Over 30 Years Experience
Environmentally Friendly Product
Nationally-Backed Life-Time Warranty
Annually Certified Technicians
Locked-In Pricing
Product Displaces Moisture
Product is Self-Healing
Product is Safe on Electronics & Electrical Components
Minimum 75 Hours Durability in ASTM B117 Test
Used by the Department of National Defence