Why use Salt Eliminator  ?


An average of 6 billion pounds of road salt (3.1 million tonnes is used) on Canadian roads every winter.  Road salt greatly accelerates the rate of corrosion on vehicles. Corrosion is not just a cosmetic issue, rusting of structural components can greatly affect the safety of vehicles as well.In fact according to the National Post, in Ontario and Quebec alone the use of de-icing salts results in about $ 3,000,000,000 in vehicle depreciation each year.In the USA drivers have spent over 15.4 billion dollars in rust repairs caused by de-icing chemicals over the last 5 years.

Salt Emiminator vs. a Car Wash

Can I just wash the salt off my vehicle at the local car wash? Even  when a vehicle looks clean,there is often a fine layer of salt that is not always visable to the human eye. The chemical composition of road salt and de-icing chemicals actually form a molecular bond with the metal surface on vehicles. Salt Eliminator is different. It removes salt at the molecular level.